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Thankfulness List – Part 4

I attended my 30th class reunion a couple of weeks ago and yesterday we toured the neighborhood I grew up in on the way to our traditional day after Thanksgiving Mexican lunch at the Beltline Bar. These nostalgic moments reminded me of how thankful I am for being blessed with so many friends throughout my life.

Some friends from my 12 years at SpringHill.

Some are friends for a season such as the friends I reconnected with at my class reunion. Life has moved us in different directions but that doesn’t diminish my thankfulness for what we shared. It’s clear the value and importance of friends isn’t in how long we’ve been friends but the impact and difference we’ve made in each other’s life when circumstances brought us together.

Reconnecting with old friends at my 30th class reunion.

At the same time I can’t imagine life without those long time friends. These are the people that I’ve grown up with and anticipate growing old with. These friendships are deeper than seasons or circumstances. There is a level of commitment that accompanies these friendships that allow them to last long beyond the normal seasons of life. These friendships make my life rich.

My college friends and my brother on our annual Canadian fishing Trip.

As I near the end of my “thankfulness” list I will continue to look at the friends I’ve been blessed with and be deeply appreciative of all that the experiences we have shared together.

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