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“It’s Not a Camp it’s a Life Changing Experience”

Indiana TSTer’s welcoming campers to SpringHill

 It’s not camp it’s a life changing experience.”
These are the words of Tori Nishida, mother of Joel, one of our TST campers this past summer. Bill Dinsmore (our VP and Director of our Indiana overnight camp), his wife Jo Ann, Hank and Tori Nishida and I had dinner together this week in Indianapolis. It was encouraging to hear Hank and Tori tell us about Joel Nishida’s SpringHill experience.

Here are some of the other comments the Nishida’s shared with us about the impact Christ made on Joel’s life while at SpringHill:

“He came back and realized it’s not about him but about others.’

“He loves contact sports like Lacrosse yet this experience tenderized his heart”

“Built real community where the kids he served with are still staying in touch and encouraging each other.”

“He received a Styrofoam cup as part of his character award – the ‘Peter Award’ for being rock solid. He still has it displayed in his room. The words his counselor said about and to him were so affirming and impactful. It’s a reminder of how powerful words are.”

I love hearing summer camp stories especially when it’s winter outside and summer camp seems far off. It reminds me of how impactful an encounter with Jesus Christ is for a young person and how blessed we are at SpringHill to be a part of such encounters.

By the way, the first quote, it pretty much sums up the SpringHill mission and Tori could articulate it, not because she memorized it, but because she has seen the reality of it in her son’s life.

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