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My Annual New Year’s Resolution – Part 2

Over the years I’ve used 4 unique Bible reading schedules and have found each one helpful in different ways. Below is a description and assessment of these schedules followed by two links where they can be found on-line.

M’Cheyne: Each day read 2 chapters from the Old Testament and 2 chapters from either the New Testament or the Psalms. You read through the Old Testament once and the New Testament and Psalms twice. It’s the most challenging schedule because of the amount of reading required. I recommend it for people who have used the other schedules and are ready to step up their reading.

Beginning to End: Start with Genesis 1 and read 3 chapters a day straight through until you reach Revelations 22. This is a straight forward approach that treats the Bible as a regular book. It has helped me understand the flow and placement of all the books of the Bible.

Chronological approach: Read 3 chapters a day taking each book in the order in which the recorded events occurred. For example you read the two Chronicles, Kings and Samuel books side by side. This approach has helped me understand both the historical context and the unique perspectives different authors have of the same event.

Old and New Testament Together: With this schedule you read 2 Old Testament chapters beginning in Genesis and a chapter from the New Testament starting with Matthew. This is my favorite schedule because it allows me to see the connectedness of the two Testaments. This is also the one I will use in 2011.

Two good sources for schedules are:

Back to the Bible –

English Standard Version web site – This site has printable schedules.

In my next post I will outline helpful things I’ve learned over the years that have assisted me staying with a reading schedule. Then on Thursday I will offer you an opportunity to join me and others in reading the Bible through in 2011.

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