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“What Would My Life Look Like If…?”

When I’m on vacation I like to ask myself a series of “what would my life look like if…” questions. These are questions that, in theory, should help me live better and be more fruitful for the Kingdom.

For example I might ask “what would my life look like if I read a book a week for the next year?” or “what would my life look like if I quit eating junk food?”

Then I go about my vacation thinking and praying about each question by looking at the “upside” and the “downside” that each potential reality would create in my life. Sometimes I will write out a list but most often I just try to create a mental picture of what my life might look like with any of the potential changes.

I will also pray about each question while running with Denise, going for a walk or sitting by the pool. I ask God for His direction and guidance.

Then sometime during the week I will make a decision. I may pass on the change because the cost seems too high or I just don’t think it’s realistic with other things I’m doing at the moment.

If I decide to move forward, I will write down my commitment and then work out a plan. If I say yes then I want it to become a reality in my life.

This vacation’s two questions?

“What would my life look like if I got back to a regular exercise routine and eating better no matter my schedule?”

“What would my life look like if I committed to attending every funeral and wedding and visit the hospital for colleagues, friends and family? What would my life look like if I was really there for them in those times?”

Over my next two posts I will share my reflections and my answers to these questions.


  • Matt Hauger

    Michael, thanks for this thoughtful practice. I’d be interested in your thoughts on making time for exercise during your camp season. Is it realistic? Is it even possible?

    • mdperry1

      Great question Matt. My personal experience as well as my observation of others, including summer staff, is yes it can be done. The key is planning and flexibility. When I’ve been able to do it I’ve needed both qualities. My goal is to do it again this summer. Thanks for the comment.

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