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“What Would My Life Look Like If….?” Part 2

First question I’ve decided to deal with on vacation is “What would my life look like if I got back to a regular exercise routine and eating better no matter my schedule?”

I chose it first because it’s the easiest of the two questions I’m mulling over this week.

It’s easy because as I thought of the benefits to doing regular exercise and eating right I really have no good reason, just excuses, for not getting back to my exercise and eating routine.

Any reason I’ve come up with (and I’ve used them all over the last 6 months) have to do with the many seemingly “important” things scheduled during any given week.

So without repeating all the obvious reasons we all know for why we should exercise and eat right I will share with you just two that have convicted me to get back on track.

First, any short-term gain in time or convenience I have by not taking care of myself quickly robs me of needed energy in the short-term as well as hurts my health in the long run. The payoff for exercising and eating right is both immediate and long-term. When I picture my life both now and in the future I like the way it looks when I’ve taken care of myself.

Finally I just can’t get over that fact that God has given me a healthy body. I have or had no major illnesses or injuries. This is a gift from God and I feel a strong sense of responsibility to care for my body much more than I have. It’s a matter of stewardship and I’ve been a poor steward over the last 6 months.

So starting now I will make time in my schedule for exercise and make sure I make accommodations that allow me to eat right. It’s a change that will make my life look more as it should be.


  • Matt Wagner

    Mike – good luck w/ this – as you know, its tough on a busy schedule – a strong incentive that helps me push thru the excuses and lack of motivation is remembering how I feel immediately following the workout – I think it is a form of reward God has built into us when we honor him w/ exercise – Matt

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