Growing as a Leader

“What Would My Life Look Like If….?” Part 3

I’ve been less than enthusiastic about working through my second “what would my life look like if…?” question. But it’s a question I’ve been confronted with on many levels over the last year so I’m compelled to deal with it.

Remember the second question is “what would my life look like if I committed to attending every funeral and wedding and visit the hospital for colleagues, friends and family? What would my life look like if I was really there for them in those times?”

This question raises the same issue I worked through with my exercise and eating right question. I’m a busy person so if I really want to I can always find a reason not to a attend funeral, wedding or visit the hospital.

But there is a difference between the two questions (know I’m being transparent here). I can see personal benefit in the exercise and eating right question but in this second question, on the surface, I see no real personal gain.

This is why I’ve been so convicted because it deals with my self centeredness. If I’m to be the person Christ has called me to be then I need to look beyond myself, to do and live for things that matter to others not just matter to me.

And who is that person? One who loves others more than the stuff on a to-do list and so endeavors to be a part of these important moments of their lives. And if I believe this is the kind of person Christ has called me to be then I need to trust that He will help take care of my to-do list.

So I’m committing myself to attending as many of these important events as I possibly can with the prayer that somehow it will be a blessing to others.

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