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Opportunity Does Not Equal Calling

Opportunity is what you can do. Calling is what you must do. That’s a big difference. Yet it’s easy to confuse the two. I should know I’ve done it enough.

Opportunity comes only to those people and organizations others see as successful. Thus it feeds the one thing, pride, which can cloud vision and makes a decision about an opportunity nearly impossible.

Calling comes to all people and organizations. But callings are different for different people and different organizations. So it doesn’t naturally feed one’s ego but it instead requires faithfulness and obedience.

Opportunity comes regardless of capabilities. Calling always matches gifts and abilities.

Opportunity offers something that is apparent to many.

Calling requires going to places and doing things never imagined before or if it has then it’s considered foolish.

The quality of the opportunity’s measured by return on investment in that opportunity.

The quality of calling is measure by the passion one brings to the calling they’re given (click here for my post on passion).

Opportunity is generic. It doesn’t design itself to fit a person or an organization.

Calling is personal and specific thus unique.

Opportunities tend to be short-term.

Calling is almost always long-term.

Opportunity provides no moral or ethical boundaries.

Calling requires the highest good and the greatest benefit to others and God’s Kingdom.

Can opportunity and calling be for the same thing? Of course they can, at least on the surface, but if it’s true a calling then it’s not a true opportunity because opportunities, by definition, present equal alternatives – to take the opportunity or not.

Calling at the end of the day provides only one true alternative – to answer the call.

Be flattered by opportunities, if you must, but just for a moment.

Be always thankful for a calling because it’s a gift from God just for you.

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