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When I’m Mr. Denise Perry

There are two weekends a year when I’m clearly Mr. Denise Perry. It’s SpringHill’s spring and fall Women’s Retreats.

Denise along with Sarah Soderdahl are SpringHill’s Women’s Retreat’s coordinators.

And this past weekend was our spring event. So I spent the past week working for and serving Denise (and Sarah).

I gave a tour of camp on a freezing cold and wind sweep Friday evening to 25 women packed into a tour tram. I did this not because I’m the best tour guide but because I was the only one available (I think everyone else smartly checked the weather before checking their calendars) and there was no way I could say no to my supervisor so I cleared my Friday evening calendar for her.

Then I did two breakout sessions to over 100 women on Saturday. I always ask the women to be gracious in their evaluations of my session because Denise will be reading all the feedback. Thankfully they always grant my request and as a result Denise’s pleased with my performance.

In addition to the tours and breakout sessions I helped move a keyboard, delivered rain gear to camp, helped with formatting PowerPoint presentations, found tables for other breakout presenters, called for an elevator key, turned in a purse to lost and found, got a projector and computer working, consulted on a number of personnel and operational issues and did my best to keep things at home in some semblance of order.

In other words I’m at Denise’s beck and call. And I love it. And I love these weekends. I’m proud of what Denise and Sarah do in putting these weekends together and I love what God does in the lives of so many women. So it’s a privilege to be Mr. Denise Perry. And I’m already looking forward to our next Women’s Retreat so I can be him again.

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