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Spoiled and Didn’t Even Know It

 If you’ve ever been a member of a private golf course, or flown first class or corporate jets on a regular basis and then had to play golf on a public course or fly coach you’ll know what I experienced this past week.

I found out just how spoiled I’ve been.

Since December I have taken advantage of the SpringHill indoor pool and have been swimming a couple of days a week.

My wife and I and a couple other SpringHill staff intentionally arrive well ahead of the public lap swim so we can have the pool to ourselves.

So I’ve never known what it’s like to share the pool with lots of people. I had an inkling after talking to a friend recently who swims regularly at a YMCA. He described what it’s like to swim laps with lots of people with differing swimming abilities and speeds. Yet I didn’t give my good fortune much thought – until this past week.

You see I slept in and got to the pool later than normal and the community lap swimmers arrive early. So I experienced the chaos of public lap swim. Frankly, at first, I was a bit ticked. How could these people expect me to swim with them splashing all around me?

Then it dawned on me how fortunate I really am to have access to a pool for my own private work outs.

So I asked myself “what else is there in my life that I’ve been blessed with yet don’t even know it?” “And what good things are a part of my life now that at one time I appreciated as a gift but now see as expected or even a right?”

The public lap swim has certainly given me some things to think and pray about during my next private swim.

Are you blessed in any way but haven’t noticed or have forgotten it? It’s never too late to say thanks to the Source of all good things.

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