SpringHill Experiences,  Summer Camp

“Because You Were There”

The daily "Counselor Splash Off" at SpringHill/River Oaks Day Camp

A young camper, whose mom abandoned her at age five, made her way to the top of the climbing wall. Her counselor encouraged, reassured and cheered as she worked towards and then grabbed the top of the wall.

When this young girl made it back down to the ground she said to her counselor “thank you.”

“Why are you thanking me, you’re the one who made it to the top?” her counselor answered.

“Because you were there!” she said.

“Because you were there.” Think about the significance of “being there” for this young girl whose mom abandoned her, whose life lost the consistent presence of a loving, nurturing adult, who lost that person who could and should have been there to encourage and celebrate with her as she tackled and conquered life’s mountains.

Thankfully the people of Liberty Bible Church provided the needed scholarship so this young girl could attend the SpringHill/Liberty Bible Day Camp. But more importantly the people of Liberty are providing an adult mentor for this young girl through the Kid’s Hope program, someone who will “be there” on a regular basis and help assure that the SpringHill climbing wall isn’t the only successful climb she experiences in her life.

The SpringHill/Liberty Bible Church relationship’s the kind of partnership that I spoke about in my last post; it’s the kind that God uses to make a long-term impact on the lives of young people.


By the way if you’d like to “be there” for other kids, like this young camper, by helping them attend a SpringHill Experience this summer please click on Kids Need Camp. You may become part of changing the course of a young person’s life that’s both life-giving and eternal.

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