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“Mom, Four More Sleeps?”

“Mom, four more sleeps?” asked a Storybrook camper when being picked up by his mom after completing our Junior Explorer program. (Storybrook’s our early elementary overnight camp in Michigan)

His mom answered “no, not four more sleeps.”

“Three more sleeps?” he asked.

“No, not three more sleeps” mom answered once again.

“Two more sleeps?” this persistent camper asked.

“No, not two more sleeps.”

“Mom, one more sleep?” he asked seeing hope slip away that he could extend his stay at SpringHill one more sleep (night).

“No, your stay at camp is over and it’s time to come home” was all the mom could say.

In one final plea this young camper said “but I want to stay, can’t I stay?”

And to that mom answered “I know you want to stay but I want and need you at home with me.”

Sometimes going away to camp’s harder for mom and dad than it’s for the camper. Why? Because we love our kids and so it’s hard to let them go, even for just a few nights. But in truth our kids grow (and we as parents sometimes grow) when we allow them the opportunity to experience new places, do new things and meet new people in a positive, encouraging environment such as camp. So occasionally love compels us to send our kids off even if it’s just for a few nights.

Now in this camper’s case I have a good sense that he’ll be back at SpringHill next summer and it’ll be for a few more “sleeps” than this year.

Thanks to Amanda Thompson and her Storybrook staff for creating such an outstanding experience for all these young campers and for blessing us with this story.

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