Summer Camp

Ga-ga Ball and There’s Nothing New Under the Sun

Not Lady Gaga but Ga-ga Ball. It’s actually a dodge ball type game that’s caught fire at every SpringHill location this summer rivaling our traditional six square games for popularity among our campers and staff.

Now as with many of the things we do at SpringHill we can’t take credit for inventing Ga-ga Ball. It’s actually been popular in many places in the world for a number of decades (it’s believed to started in the Australian Jewish community in the 1960’s). But as we do with any good idea we stumble upon we’ll copy it and if necessary adapted it so it fits the SpringHill Experience.

So the question’s what did we see in Ga-ga Ball that indicated it would fit well into a SpringHill Experience?

First, it allows a large number of people to participate at one time creating shared experiences among our small/cabin groups.

Second, it’s fun, high energy and exciting either playing or watching.

Third, just about anyone can play with no requirements for needing super athlete skills.

Finally it’s a safe and controlled game where injury is unlikely.

All of which add up to the kind of activity we love to include in a SpringHill Experience.

So as you can see we take seriously the words of Ecclesiastes that “there’s nothing new under the sun” knowing that there’s no new ideas just great copies and improvements of old ones such as Ga-ga Ball.

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