Summer Camp

“The Island” and “Island Burgers”

SpringHill has an island (actually more like a peninsula) called by traditionalists “The Island” and by more progressive folks “Burger Island.”

The debate between the names results from the incredible burgers grilled on “The Island” since the early days of SpringHill. “The Island”, against some people’s wishes, has slowly become “Burger Island” in recognition of these famous sandwiches affectionately known as “Island Burgers”.

One of the earliest Island Burger chiefs (maybe the first) was J.C. Johnson, a Texas size Texan with a Texas size heart that set the standard for Texas quality grilled burgers that have become part of “The Island” legend and experience.

Since those days JC’s high standards passed down through a line of chief’s who continue to provide generations of campers and staff with an outstanding Island Burger with all the fixings. This tradition of great burgers has only continued to feed the great debate of whether it’s “The Island” or “Burger Island”.

Sunday evenings “The Island’s” reserved for staff and volunteers who’ve worked the opening day of camp. These folks gather together at the end of each opening day to enjoy incredible burgers and talk about the week ahead. It’s a fun and festive time where the excitement and anticipation of what God’s going to do at camp’s felt and shared.

Lee and Robert our Island Burger Chiefs

So if you’re ever at our Michigan camp on opening day and want to enjoy an “Island Burger” and experience “The Island”, or as some would call it “Burger Island”, ask anyone in a blue SpringHill staff shirt and they’ll make sure there’s a seat at one of the picnic tables reserved for you.


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