SpringHill Experiences

“There’s Just Something About this Place”

“Every time I arrive at camp tears come to my eyes. There’s just something about this place….” one of our long time volunteers said to me Sunday evening as we sat on the porch of SpringHill Indiana’s guest house

I responded that “I totally agree and that even after 12 years of coming here I have the same experience”.

Then I thought to myself if we had a nickel for every time I or one of our staff heard a similar statement we’d be able to build another SpringHill camp somewhere.

One of the common threads between all these statements is the fact that no one’s been able to express just what makes this property so moving.

Yes, it’s incredibly beautiful but most people who come here have seen places at least as beautiful if not more so.

I’ve wondered if it’s driving to the main lodge and having your car pass through the tunnel of trees and then seeing this incredible 55 acre lake suddenly appear and taking your breath away that stirs the heart?

But I’ve seen that same view many, many times as have so many others and yet it still moves us.

So it’s not just the physical property. No there’s more to it than that.

I believe it’s because this property has been slowly and lovingly developed over the years by the Rust family and then SpringHill for the one single purpose it’s now being used – to be a part of life changing experiences where young people and their families and can know and grow in their relationships with Jesus Christ.

And if you think about it when use and created purpose align the result’s always a moving and spiritual experience.

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