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“Evart (and Hawaii) has the Best Sunsets”

I was sitting with friends at the Evart High School football stadium watching the sun set while waiting for the start of the 4th of July fireworks.

It was an incredible sunset which led to my friend Don Myers to comment “Evart has the best sunsets.” I thought to myself “that’s a pretty bold statement to make about a small town in northern Michigan”. But truth was I couldn’t argue with beauty of the western sky and I wouldn’t dare step on Don’s pride in his home town by disagreeing.

One evening three weeks later I sat on the porch of SpringHill’s Founders’ House talking with friends who were picking up their kids from camp the next day. As we talked I noticed the sky begin to turn orange and pink and I suggested we move around to the other side of the porch to watch the sun go down.

Once again Evart’s sunset was spectacular.

As we watched I shared the story of the sun setting before the fireworks and I told them Don’s statement “Evart has the best sunsets.”

After a few moments watching the sky my friend Dave Pendley said with a laugh “yep Evart and Hawaii have the best sunsets.”

We all smiled at Dave’s comment but I thought to myself “I’m not quite sure Don Myers would agree. But then again Don’s not from Hawaii.”

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