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The End of Summer Camp – I’m Sad but Satisfied

Today’s the last day of the SpringHill 2011 summer camp season and there are two words that describe how I feel – “sad” and “satisfied”.

I’m sad because we had an incredible summer of creating life changing experiences for 1000’s of young people but if feels like we’re ending too soon.

Sad because of the many new friends I’ve made with summer and resident staff, parents and even a few campers knowing our daily and weekly interaction has ended. Facebook’s good but it’s not the same as being together at camp.

Sad because I know the regular interaction I’ve had with our year around staff and their families has come to an end. We’ve spent the summer eating meals together and watching our kids catch fish and play six square with each other and with our summer staff.

But I’m satisfied because I watched our team deliver the SpringHill Experience to the largest number of campers in our history – 17,470 and do it in a passionate and professional way.

I’m satisfied because we had an incredibly safe summer for our campers and staff. Nothing keeps me awake at night more than the safety of those God’s entrusted to us.

Finally and most importantly, I’m deeply satisfied and humbled because it’s clear from camper and parent feedback that we fulfilled our mission of creating life changing experiences for young people where they can know and grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ. This is why we exist so to know we been used to this end leaves me exhausted but satisfied.

So I’m both sad and yet satisfied. But the great news there’s only 283 days left before the first 2012 summer staff arrive and summer camp officially begins once again (not that I’m counting or anything).

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