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Creation’s Calling

When this blog posts I’ll be in one of my favorite spots in the world for a week of fishing with two groups of friends at Camp Anjigami in northern Ontario.

Besides the great friends and the very cool lodge I’m staying at, the opportunity to be out in “God’s creation” reaches my soul in ways I’m never quite able to express nor do other environments seem to do.

To live, even for a few days, in a wilderness setting reminds me of the vastness of our world and the greatness of the God who created it, providing perspective I’m so prone to lose while running hard through my daily life.

When I’m in the wilderness I experience God first hand. The theologians call creation “general revelation” because God’s character’s revealed in it. This explains why the purer and more pristine the wilderness setting the more I sense God directly and why my soul so loves and needs it.

So this week…

when I’m looking at the stars on a clear night that burn so brightly they reflect off the glassy lake creating the illusion that there are two skies…

or I smell the sweetness of the forest filled with freshly fallen leaves and spruce trees…

or listen to the sound of rushing water…

or, as I’ll work so hard to do, hold an incredibly beautiful brook trout in my hand for just a few moments…

I’ll have experienced God in a life transforming way.

And then I’ll be ready to return to the regular life I’m called to, better for having taken time in God’s creation.

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