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Why Do You Spend Your Precious Time…?

Yesterday we had one of our three yearly “all staff” meetings which follow each of our three “seasons”. Our agenda’s consistent for each meeting – we review the results of the completed season as well as the anticipated results of the upcoming season and year.

It’s an opportunity to celebrate and pray together as well as ask questions, make suggestions and assure we’re aligned as a team.

We want these meetings to be fun, informative, causal, real and helpful in achieving our goals. We speak frankly and with full transparency about how we’re performing and what’s needed in the months and years to come.

At the end of this particular meeting, as a first in many discussions related to the task of re-articulating SpringHill’s vision statement, I asked our staff to begin to think, reflect and pray about the following three questions (taken from What to Ask the Person in the Mirror by Robert Steven Kaplan –see my 10/23/2011 post) .

  1. What do we (you) hope SpringHill will achieve in the years ahead?


  2. What’s special about SpringHill?


  3. Why do you spend your precious time and energy working for SpringHill?

Over the next several months the answers to these questions will become key inputs into our vision re-articulation.

But today I asked our team for some impromptu answers. Their responses were moving, inspiring, stunning and made me proud to be on this team.

Here are just three of many answers (paraphrased) to question 3 our staff shared:

“I’m able to fulfill God’s calling in my life of creating cool and inspiring environments that God can use to transform lives.”

“God changed my life when I was a SpringHill camper, now I can help create the same life transforming experiences for other people.”

We have a great start to this important task of brining new clarity to the SpringHill vision.

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