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It’s the perfect time introduce your kids to Adventurous Faith—and we are here to help them spread their wings!

Your child or children may be nervous. But not to worry: many parents, teachers, and leaders have once been where you are now. Adventurous Faith is a journey—and the next step is a big one, but also fun for you and your kids.

Get ready: our overnight and day camps are transformational experiences. The kid you send to camp may be very different from the one you pick up at the end. What might you expect? More joy. More laughter. More fun. And more faith.

Would you ever think in a million years you’d find Jesus on a zipline? Well, believe it or not, it happens all the time at SpringHill. One of our favorite stories is that of a middle-school girl (let’s call her Rachel) describing her experience at SpringHill. She was a regular for years, and one day, our President Michael Perry casually asked her what it was that kept her coming back to SpringHill.

Very seriously, Rachel said, “Every time I come to SpringHill, I encounter God. I have an experience with God and my faith grows.”

And so he asked: “What exactly is it that happens every time?”

“You know,” she said, “it just happens when we’re doing camp stuff.”

And that’s the truth. And why SpringHill has enjoyed phenomenal growth. We now serve 55,000 overnight and day campers in Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, Tennessee, and Wisconsin, and partner with more than 500 churches and other allies. Our innovative—and adventurous—approach helps children find God not only in quiet contemplation and formal prayer but also in canoeing on a lake, remembering that peace is there in the silence when God whispers. Or while riding horses on country trails. Or while braving outdoor high-ropes course. Or, yes, even on a zipline.

Here at SpringHill, we know our success is more than just the result of luck: it’s divinely inspired. We stand where we are because God gave us a vision of what a new kind of youth ministry could be. We ran with that vision and made it a reality. This vision has not only propelled SpringHill, it has influenced Christian camping all over the world.

Hope. Fun. Faith. That’s The SpringHill Way. And remember, when we leave room for God to work and are open to taking risks, he can do immeasurably more than we ever thought possible.

Ready to take your next step in leading with Adventurous Faith? Register your child or children for one of our camps today! And read on about what makes experiences SpringHill exceptional.

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Plus, we’re excited to announce Michael Perry’s upcoming book [1] Experience = Everything: Life Transformation The SpringHill Way which will be published by Advantage Media and available soon.

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