eReader Instructions

It is easiest to load an eBook onto your eReader by navigating to Michael Perry’s blog on your device. Then, click on the icon for your eReader under the book you would like to download.

If you are unable to access this blog on your eReader, follow these steps:

  1. Download and install Calibre ( on your computer.
  2. On Michael Perry’s blog, click the icon of your device.
  3. Launch Calibre and click ‘Add Books’.
  4. Navigate to the eBook you downloaded; click ‘OK’ to add to your library.
  5. Plug your eReader into your computer.
  6. In Calibre, right click on the eBook and select ‘Send to Device’ {click ‘OK’ if it asks to convert the eBook).
  7. Click ‘Device’ and select, ‘Eject this Device’.
  8. You can now unplug and enjoy your eBook.


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