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Serving over 55,000 kids per year at one of our overnight or day camp experiences, SpringHill helps kids of all ages find God, not only in the quiet spaces, but in everything they experience. For those who experience SpringHill, their relationship with God grows into more than just a Sunday engagement; it becomes a committed part of every moment of each day.

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“Most of us are experiential in our learning – so when we experience something, it has much more impact than if it’s just told to us. Yes, we want kids to hear about Christ. We want that verbal proclamation of the Good News and we want them to see Christ alive in their leaders. But we also want them to experience it. That experiential part is key, and it’s what makes SpringHill what it is”

– Michael Perry

Michael Perry and SpringHill:

SpringHill’s innovative approach helps kids find God not only in quiet contemplation and formal prayer, but also in canoeing on a lake—remembering that peace is there in the silence, when God whispers or while riding horses on country trails and braving outdoor high-rope courses. Or, yes, even on a zipline.

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Experience = Everything: Life Transformation the SpringHill Way

In his most recent book, Michael outlines what makes the SpringHill experience truly unique. From its mission to the individuals who help carry it out, learn how kids of all ages are finding God and allowing this relationship to transform their lives through the SpringHill experience.

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Are Your Kids SpringHill Standouts?

You might already embody the principle of Adventurous Faith in your life, or you might be at a place where you’re looking to cultivate more of it for your kids and their faith experience. Wherever you are, this quiz—designed to be used as a tool for you on your faith journey—can help guide you!

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