Questions Leaders Should Ask and Help Their Organization Answer

Aligning my organization’s thinking:

1. What do we believe to be true?  Statement of Faith/Belief

2. What’s important to us?  Core Values

3. Why do we exist?  Mission

4. What makes us distinct?  Brand/Hedgehog

5. What do we want to become?    Vision

6. What do we want to accomplish in the long-term?   Big Hairy Audacious God Goal (BHAGG)

7. What are the consistent steps we’ll need to take to achieve our BHAGG and Vision?  20 Mile March

8. Where and who will we serve and through what products and services?  Sandbox

9. How will today’s world potentially impact our organization and its work?   S.W.A.T. & Trends

10. How will we know we’re being successful? Targets and Goals

11. What do we have to do to be successful? Big Moves

12. What’s important right now? Annual and Seasonal Moves

Aligning my organization’s People:

Individual Employees (paid and unpaid)

13. Where do I fi t into the organization?  Position

14. What am I to do for the organization?  Roles

15. What am I responsible for?  Responsibilities

16. What do I do to meet my responsibilities?  Goals

17. What knowledge, skills and abilities do I need to do my job successfully? Job Requirements

18. What personal qualities do I need to fi t well within my organization?  Organizational Competencies

19. How can I improve in my work and prepare for future work? Training and Development Plans


20. What are the natural cycles of my organization?  Business or Ministry Flow

21. What’s the best way to organize my team to achieve success?  Organizational Design

22. How do I best keep my team aligned on the right things?  Meeting Rhythm

Aligning my organization’s Resources:

23. What makes our work harder and less effective than it should be?  Key Processes, Systems and Technology

24. What would make our work better, less costly and more effective?  Continuous Improvement

25. What will it cost to accomplish all that we’ve set out to do?  Financial Models

26. Where will the financial resources come from?  Capital Sources

27. What do we need to do to tap into these sources?  Campaigns

28. How will we manage these financial resources?  Budgets and Financial Plans

Aligning Myself:

29. What are the things that only I can do for the organization?  Time Audit

30. Where do I spend my time?  Focus

31. What do I need to give up and allow others to do?  Delegation

32. How do I plan my work in line with my organization’s cycles and rhythms?   Seasonal/Quarterly Plan

33. How am I assuring that there is alignment, clarity and commitment to the organization’s direction?  Self and team evaluations


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