Living as a Leader,  Summer Camp

Do As I Do Not as I Say

“Lord, I am thankful that Molly is your friend.”  This was the prayer of one of our elementary campers shared by her counselor – Molly – at our weekly staff worship. This little girl was praying for Molly because Molly had become her role model and her hero during her week of camp.

Molly explained how this little girl never left her side and began imitating her through the week.  This included the habit, starting on Wednesday,  of carrying her Bible with her everywhere.  Why? Because she knew that Molly had her Bible with her.   Also this camper, in faith, committed her life to Christ.  Why?  Because she knew Molly had done the same with her life.  And, although Molly did not say this, I’m sure this camper prayed for Molly why? Because she had heard Molly pray for her and the rest of the Molly’s campers throughout the week.

“Do as I say not as I do” is a good line but in reality people, especially kids, do not hear us as well as they see us.

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