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The Story Chapter 4: The Gathering

Providence is the care, guardianship, and control of the events of life exercised by God. Many believe, or want to believe, in Providence.  Joe, Arvin, Darlene and Colin have experienced it first hand and thus know it’s true beyond a shadow of a doubt. This past week Providence brought together the “ambassador”, the two “big hearts” and their “inspiration” to write the next chapter in this special story.

Colin, Darlene and Arvin on the porch of the Founder's House

We all met together as a way to dedicate and celebrate the loving Providence of our Lord in bringing us all together.

We shared with Colin and his parents, Rick and Dawn, that because of Colin’s inspiration and his “voice”, the Van Hall’s have underwritten new Special Needs housing for SpringHill.  This housing will allow us to double the number of special needs campers who have special housing requirements and reduce our waiting list for this program.

The Van Hall’s asked that this new building acknowledge Colin and his inspiration. It will be a part of the Peaks (all the Peaks are named after peaks in North America) so we wanted a name that would be fitting to both this theme and to the inspiration of Colin and all the campers like him. With the help of Chris DuMond from DesignVox, who provides our marketing and creative leadership, we identified a name for this housing unit.

Colin Ridge will be our new Special Needs housing. Colin Ridge is a 8409 foot high peak  located in Canada’s Jasper National Park, a part of the Colin Range of the Canadian Rocky Mountains.  Our vision is that all campers who come to SpringHill will have a “mountain top” spiritual experience.  Colin Ridge reflect’s our continuing commitment to assuring every one of our campers, no matter who they are and where they come from will have this type of life changing experience.

We are thankful for the Spirit filled time we had together, for Colin and his family, for the Van Hall’s and their faithfulness and for all the people over the many years who have helped assure that Colin and campers like him can have a life transforming experience at SpringHill.

As you might have guessed this story is not done and some time in the future I will be able to share with you the next chapters of this amazing SpringHill story.

Colin looking at plans for Colin Ridge
Arvin and Darling looking at the plans and the location
Colin learning that the new housing will be named Colin Ridge
Arvin sharing the moment with Colin
Rick & Dawn, Colin's parents, join the photo session


  • Carissa VanHaitsma

    I am glad to read the ending. It was a well-written blog post and I am glad I got to read all 4 chapters finallly!

    • mdperry1

      I’m glad you made it to the end. Thanks for sticking with it. I’ve learned a blog that is too long doesn’t get read so I need to keep them short even if I have to break them up into more than one post.
      Keep reading.

  • Juli Simpson

    Springhill was a special place for all my children when they were growing up. Even today as adults they still talk about their experiences. I am glad to know that campers like Colin will be able to share in the same great times. Providence can’t be denied.

  • Claire GAUTHIER Boutain

    Rick and cousin Dawn, You must be so proud of your young man, Colin.Having a ridge named for him must certainly have an impressive background. I should have lloyed hearing my young cousin’s speech.
    Might I have a copy? Congratulations mom & dad, Dawn and Rick and very good wishes, Colin. Your GAUTHIER lie cousin, Claire

  • aunt kay

    How great. Colin you and your parents are inspiration to our family. Colin what a wonderful thing to achive at your young life. Dawn and Rick you must be so proud. Love ya Aunt Kay b

  • Bill and Sandy DeFillippo

    Wow, Colin…you don’t remember us but Bill and I went to school with your Uncle Denny and Bill worked with him and retired with him from Jacobson’s. Your cousin Nick and our son Billy coached football together and still are great buds. We are very happy for you and know that you got there because of both sides of your families. Great job!!!
    Sandy DeFillippo

  • carol spoor

    Colin, I remember the little boy at the riding lessons. You have done so much in such a short time. Grampa Doug keeps me updated. I am so proud of you.

  • Kathy Booker

    Hey Colin,
    I’m an old neighbor of your moms. I’ve been keeping up with you through your Grandma. You are an inspiration for all of us. Our grandchildren just left back to N.Y.And I will forward this on.
    You have inspired more people that you could ever imagine.
    Keep up the great work.

    Kathy Booker

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