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As Iron Sharpens Iron Part 2

Moving on from my time with my friend Mario I flew to Indianapolis on Tuesday evening to join up with the SpringHill leadership team.

In addition to our weekly conference calls, which focus on the business at hand, we meet face to face once a month.  We have two objectives in our monthly meetings.

The first is team building and the second is to work on future/strategic planning topics.

So on Tuesday evening we attended an Indianapolis Indians Triple A baseball game.  We had a relaxing evening together watching the field crew dry out the infield (which took nearly 2 hours because of a late afternoon rain storm) and 5 innings of the game.

On Wednesday we met in the offices of Baker Daniels in downtown Indianapolis for our monthly meeting. Our agenda was to discuss our 3 year financial plan, the 2011 ministry planning process and a legal review with our attorney.

As usual we had a productive and lively meeting together.  Because we invest in our relationships with each other (for example going to minor league baseball games together) we can have very open and honest discussions.  These dialogues are an “iron sharpening iron” process for us as a team, as individual leaders and ultimately as a ministry.

In this meeting we had more than our normal share of open and honest discussions. There was a lot of “iron sharpening”.  Though some of it was hard it was also good because there were important things we needed to agree upon.  Iron needed sharpening and it got sharpened.

I love these guys.  I love them as people and as a team.  They “sharpen” the ministry of SpringHill and they certainly “sharpen” me.

Left to right: Andy Westmaas, Michael Perry, Doug Nienhuis, Craig Soderdahl, Todd Leinberger, Bill Dinsmore

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