Summer Camp

This is the Way to Start the Week!

Staff worship at SpringHill’s overnight camps is one of the most significant parts of our summer staff’s experience. It’s an incredible opportunity to worship together with people from all over the country, from every walk of life and Christian tradition. Frankly, it’s how I envision Heaven will be.

In Michigan this week our summer staff, lead by Clarence Hogan, put together the “SpringHill Gospel Choir” in the tradition of African-American churches.  I need to tell you it now ranks as one of my top highlights of the summer.

SpringHill Gospel Choir

Lead by this choir of 20 people and a band of 4 we sang, danced and clapped (well most of us, I do not possess any rhythm so the dancing and clapping are a bit of a challenge) to songs such as “Bless the Lord”, “More than Anything”, “Revelation 19 – Hallelujah, Salvation & Glory” and “Lord You are Good.”  I think the whole town of Evart, 3 miles away, heard our worship.

Staff worship is an opportunity to prepare ourselves for a new week of ministry to the arriving campers. What makes it such a significant experience is the shared mission we have together, the work we do together, the pain and trials we live out together and the joy we experience together as we serve 1000’s of campers.

Worship does not create a community of people committed to mission and to each other.  Instead, I’m convinced after 13 summers at SpringHill, that a community of people committed to each other and to a shared mission are, as a result, blessed to share incredible worship together.

And that is what I and about 700 other people experienced today.  This is the way to start the week.

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