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Praying In Public

Earlier this week I was giving a tour of our Michigan camp to three officers from our bank, one of which had never been to a SpringHill Camp before.  I love giving tours to people who are new to SpringHill.  It’s fun watching them take it all in. People usually have in their mind that camp will be a certain way but when they visit SpringHill they see and experience something totally unexpected.

This tour was no different. We watched campers doing unique activities, cabin groups sitting and talking through their lessons, and TSTer’s making the property look great.

At one point  we ran into a number of cabins who were getting ready for lunch.  They had gathered around the dining hall in Copper Country and were praying together in their groups.

Our first time visitor watched and listened amazed to see all these kids praying together in public.  He commented “I have tried for years to get the leadership of our church to make corporate prayer a part of our church life and haven’t been able to do it.  Now I’m here and I see all these kids joining together in corporate prayer and it seems so natural.”

One of our summer camp goals is to help campers become more comfortable with both private and community prayer.  We want them to see that prayer is a “natural” part of living, just like eating and breathing.  We want them to come home able and willing to pray on their own or in a small group be it the family or at church.

Without sounding arrogant, maybe the reason our new friend’s church doesn’t do corporate prayer is not enough of their people have been to SpringHill? The good news? I think we have an opportunity before next summer to change that situation.


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