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Growing without Stealing

SpringHill’s BHAGG (Big Hairy Audacious God Goal) is to have 260,000 people in a SpringHill Experience each year by 2025 (for perspective we expect to have 40,000 people in a SpringHill Experience this year). Our staff and board set this goal in 2003 after much prayer and discussion. We believe God  is calling us to something bigger than we’re capable of achieving on our own requiring an intervention by God to make it a reality.

Because our BHAGG requires moving ahead without clearly seeing how we will reach our goal there is a process of discovery that happens along the way. For example in 2003 we did not envision Day Camps and yet today, 7 years later, we see how Day Camps will significantly impact our ability to reach our BHAGG.

One obvious fact in achieving our BHAGG is it requires us to reach people who do not come to SpringHill today. There are two kinds of people who fit this group. The first are those who choose to attend other camps and the second are those who attend no camps at all.  We decided long ago that we are not interested in taking “market share” from this first group (those who attend other camps).  Instead we want to reach the second group of people, those who do not attend camp at all. This is where we see the greatest opportunity to make an impact on the lives of others.

So last week a number of our key leaders attended module one of training in Blue Ocean Strategy (BOS). BOS is a process that leads an organization to reach “new markets” or as we like to call them “new campers”.  It’s a proven and powerful approach to strategy. One any organization, be it a church, camp or business, should consider if it wants to reach “un-reached” people. See my post “Swimming in a Blue Ocean” on June 30th for more information on Blue Ocean Strategy.

SpringHill is not walking or even running to 2025 instead we are swimming.

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  • Cheryl Royster

    Hello Mike,
    Miles Vieau (owner of Connor O’Malleys) mentioned that he spoke to you about our organization in the Brighton area. Please feel free to send our information along to your advertising department. On a personal note, I sent my son to Spring Hill for 3 years and only wished I had known about it earlier because it was a fabulous experience for him.

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