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Another Fish Story

As I said in my last post I spent a week in Canada fishing at the end of September.  The first half of the week  was with my college friends and my brother. The second half was with another group of great friends of mine and of SpringHill.

If six guys can create a few fishing stories, 13 (the size of the SpringHill group) can fill a stringer with great stories.  This happened again this year.
The Three Daves and Steve show proof of their fish stories.

Like being at a SpringHill Camp this group is firmly committed to  a few things done very well.  The first is to fishing. It’s our camp major.  We take advantage of every minute to fish.  The result is always lots of fish and a great fish dinner on Saturday night.

Spencer, Bob, Matt, Michael, Dick and Steve (again) showing off the catch.

Secondly, this group is committed to good food.  We eat well on this trip. Breakfast and dinner are highlights of each day as it is for our campers. At breakfast we plan where everyone will fish and at dinner we share all our fish stories and adventures we experienced that day. 

Enjoying dinner together.

Thirdly, we’re committed to fellowship.  There is nothing like spending a day in a boat or canoe with a friend in an incredibly beautiful place to create the perfect conditions for life discussions.  Many theological, spiritual, personal and practical conversations take place with the clarity  of thought that comes from “being away from it all” (just like camp).

Finally, we commit to studying and discussing what it is that God has for our lives.  We do this at breakfast each morning. This year the focus was on the SpringHill “Way of Life” called “V.I.S.I.O.N.” (which I shared in my posts of June 6 and June 7th).  As in every good SpringHill experience, this small group time provides the basis for great discussions in the boat during the day.  These talks in the boats enrich the campfire like discussions we have at dinner.

This trip is one of the highlights of my SpringHill year.  I love the guys and what we do when we are together fishing and the friendships we  now have outside of fishing.  Just writing about it has me already looking forward to our trip together next year.


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