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Thankfulness List – Part 3

Sitting Down to Thanksgiving Dinner.

While I’m on the subject of kids, I too am a child and a sibling. As I continue down my “thankfulness” list I thank God for all my extended family especially my parents, brother and sister. There is no doubt that the value I place on my marriage to Denise, the responsibility of being a dad to our kids and the importance of family comes from the example set by my parents.

My parents created a solid foundation for my life by being appropriately involved and loving parents and modeling a loving marriage. They set the standard high for my brother, sister and I on both fronts and as a result have influenced the next generation of Perry’s.

My brother Rich carving the turkey.

Part of what my parents did was to create a loving, supportive family which continues today. Our family is still close even though we don’t all live in the same city and we are all battling the craziness of life. Today, for example, we are celebrating Thanksgiving together starting with grandpa, grandma, my brother and his wife and all the grand kids. There is something powerfully secure about multiple generations of family being together to celebrate. It is a reminder of the incredible gift family is.

So I’m not only thankful for the “head start” in life I received because of the family I was born into but I’m even more thankful now for the foundation this family is helping to lay for my kids and future generations of Perry’s.

Grandpa having a talk with MD and Mitch.

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