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My Annual New Year’s Resolution

Every Christmas break I set goals for myself for the upcoming year. Sometimes they are lofty goals, but most often they are basic goals such as losing some weight, reading a particular book or staying in better contact with friends. I have to admit I don’t always achieve all my goals. Some years have been better than others.

But there is one annual goal that I have set for myself over the past 25 years. It’s also the one goal that I have nearly achieved every year. It’s simply to read the entire Bible through from the beginning to the end. I’ve committed to this goal every year because every time I’ve read through it I’ve been transformed by it. There is no other personal commitment I’ve ever made that has so impacted every facet of my life then this one simple practice – reading the entire Scripture through from front to back.

Now before you’re tempted to congratulate me or think me a super spiritual person please know this – it is an achievable goal for anyone and everyone. I’m not a Bible scholar or a monk, I’m a regular person who has, through the grace of God, been able to make this commitment stick and have benefited from the incredible difference it makes. It requires no more than 15 to 20 minutes a day to achieve. What other daily 20 minute routine (other than some infomercial fitness equipment) can make such a difference in one’s life? So I’m without excuse, I need to do it again in 2011.

Over my next couple of posts I will outline different ways I’ve read the Scriptures through, things I’ve learned and resources I’ve used to help me make this commitment a reality. I’ll also share an additional element I’m adding to my 2011 resolution. My hope and prayer is that these posts will help you with a similar commitment for 2011.

By the way, Merry Christmas!


  • Taylor Smith

    Impressive. Here’s a challenge:

    Try getting through the entire bible in 16 weeks.

    I had several scripture passages for my classes, and I have very nearly accomplished this. It is a worthy challenge.

    Taylor Smith

    • mdperry1

      Great job Taylor. I’ve heard of others who have done what you are close to doing. Finish it up even if it takes a bit longer than 16 weeks. This year I did read thru the Scriptures 2x, once each 6 months. I found this helpful but will return to once during the year in 2011. I hope to publish some of my reflections on a new blog in hopes of encouraging others to read it through as well.

      Merry Christmas Taylor

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