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Compliments, Integrity and Being Memory Makers

I appreciate compliments that are creative, un-expected, sincere and acknowledge what is truly important. The SpringHill team received such a compliment a few weeks ago from Duffy Robbins, a leading youth ministry expert who was speaking at one of our Winter Retreat weekends.

After the Saturday morning session Duffy met for a few minutes with some of our key church partners who were on camp for our annual Council of Advisors meeting.

As he was sharing about the significance of these weekends for teenagers and their youth groups he made this comment…

“You already know this but SpringHill staff are not programmers they are memory makers.”

I was totally caught off guard with this comment. It struck me deeply and was incredibly affirming on a number of levels.

But what made this statement such a powerful compliment?

First, it was unexpected and sincere. We were looking to pick up a few nuggets of wisdom from Duffy about the current state of youth ministry but he instead gave us this wonderful gift.

Second, the spontaneous and creative use of these words stuck with me.

Third, Duffy’s compliment affirmed one of the highest values we have in any SpringHill Experience – that they be life transforming and thus memorable, something that will impact a person the rest of their life.

And most importantly Duffy took what we do – creating life changing experiences – and said, in essence, “This is not just what you do but who you are”.

Wow. Please know we receive our fair share of compliments but this one was one of the finest I’ve ever received on behalf our team. Do you see why? It’s not because it speaks about a new way to describe our work but instead it speaks of our integrity.

You see integrity is when what you do and how you live aligns with who you say you are or want to be.

So whenever someone acknowledges publicly that what you do aligns with who you are, either as a person or as an organization, it’s not just a compliment it’s a statement that goes much deeper. And there is no greater gift someone can give you than to affirm your integrity in a memorable way.

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  • Julee Wilke

    And I say, right back at ya, Duffy!

    We just experienced this week-end’s winter teen retreat, even though we’re in our mid-fifty’s (parents of staff members) and were blown away by the power of the speaker, the program, the musicians, the support staff, week-end staff, and seasonal staff.

    I can only attribute what went on this week-end to a sold-out team of memory makers, whose sole goal is to make sure everyone hears the message and has the opportunity to respond to the truth found only in the work of God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

    This concentrated, immersed in prayer event proved not only to make memories, but persuaded teens (and whomever was within earshot) to rethink the message of the Cross and to concentrate on the things that will matter for all eternity.

    Of course, I’m a bit prejudiced, but what a group of believers!! God bless the people that make up the Springhill experience.

    “I see a generation rising up to take their place
    With selfless faith
    I see a near revival
    Stirring as they pray and seek
    They’re on their knees …

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