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Do What Only You Can Do!

For the second time in four months I have had someone share these words with me – “Do what only you can do.”

When I hear the same thing multiple times from multiple people in a relatively short period of time I know I need to listen.

The most recent time I heard these words were from Bob Nienhuis, a good friend and chair of the SpringHill board. We were meeting to go through the annual feedback the board provides me on my job performance.

These words struck hard because I had just heard them a few months earlier.

The first time was when I was teaching our adult Sunday school class at our church. A member of our class, Christine Giesler, responded to my sharing of the struggle I was having finding the time to accomplish work I was convinced (and still am) that God wanted me to do.

Christine told me the same thing Bob had said, “Do what only you can do.” Then she added an additional bit of wisdom in an effort to help me move to this place.

She said, “I’m sure you’re doing a lot of good and important things. But many of these things are things that someone else could do. By holding them and not sharing them with others you are robbing them of the opportunity to share in these important responsibilities and it keeps you from doing what only you can do.”

I’m thankful for this great advice from Christine and the reminder of that same advice from Bob of the ongoing work I’m doing – the work of making sure that, day by day, week by week, I’m doing what only I can do for SpringHill, my family and ultimately for His Kingdom.

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