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Telling Fish Stories

Fishermen (and fisherwomen) love to tell stories. And this group of SpringHill fishermen isn’t any different. Within 24 hours of our first annual spring fishing trip to our SpringHill Indiana overnight camp we’ve already heard lots of them.

Our group’s made up mostly of guys who attend our annual fall Canadian fishing trip. On our last trip we decided we needed to do a spring one as well. Ironically all these guys (and their families) have been great supporters of SpringHill for years but have never had the opportunity to see SpringHill Indiana.

So we’ve “killed two birds with one stone.” We created a chance to do a spring fishing trip and an opportunity to show off SpringHill Indiana to a group of people who have been instrumental in growth and effectiveness of SpringHill overall.

It’s been a blast and there have been lots of fish stories. But the truth is the best story that’s been told is the story about the history of SpringHill Indiana and God’s gracious hand in its founding, development and impact it has had on the lives of 1000’s of kids each year. The best fish stories just can’t compare.

Check out some of photo’s by clicking here

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