Summer Camp

Ultimate Frisbee

You know summer camps’ approaching at SpringHill when almost every free hour our summer staff plays Ultimate Frisbee.  It’s a SpringHill tradition we hold as a sacred part of our summer staff’s experience.

Last night our Indiana summer leadership staff met at Carey Edgren, our Indiana Camp Director, and his wife Kate’s home for desert and some team building.  Right across the road from their house’s a sports field that had Ultimate Frisbee written all over it.

So before you know it there’s a serious game being played.  Because I wasn’t drafted by either team I nominated myself as the game photographer (click here to see more photos). 

I love the game because it’s both competitive and fun.  But I love it more because it’s a game that all staff can be involved with, either as a fan or a player, and it’s a small component in building a strong staff team.  There’s something about playing together that cements relationships, builds memories and creates shared experiences.  Each of which is essential in building a team that’s focused on fulfilling together a shared mission.

We finished the evening which desert and each of our staff sharing how they came to SpringHill for the summer – again all a part of our goal of building a strong team. What was cool was each story reflected the variety of ways God guides and directs individuals to the places He’s planned for them.  Hearing each other’s stories provided our staff with more confidence that God would use them this summer in a great way.

For me, it was inspiring to hear each story and to get to know each person a bit better.  It also helped to continue to build the excitement for Day 1 of camp when this team will have the opportunity to take all they’ve learned and built together and serve 1000’s of kids by creating SpringHill Experiences that will allow campers know and grow in their relationships with Christ.

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