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Being a Part of Something Bigger Than Me

Somewhere early in my career is when I decided I wanted to work for something (organization or cause) that’s bigger than I am. I wanted to be a part of something that’s making a difference in the lives of people, making a difference in the world, and ultimately, making a difference in God’s Kingdom. But what I discovered was that just being a part of something bigger than me isn’t enough, nor, as I’ve also discovered, is it enough for most people.

What most people want to know is “what do I need to do to contribution to our organization’s success – the fulfillment of its mission and vision?” This question is the final question every organization that desires to make an enduring difference in the world needs to answer, not just for its self, but for the people who work, volunteer, and support the organization. As a good friend said to me recently “I want to know what piece of the SpringHill puzzle God wants to me to be”.

Unfortunately most organizations, including many times SpringHill, don’t always provide clear answers to the people who, not only want to be a part of something bigger than then themselves, but also want to make a meaningful contribution. Yet helping to bring job and role clarity becomes essential for the organization’s ultimate success, because it’s people who make visions and BHAGG’s reality.

At SpringHill we help staff, volunteers and others answer “what do I need to do to contribution?” by clarifying the answers to these simple but critical follow-up questions:

  • Where do I fit into the organization? Position, job title, team and reporting relationships
  • What am I responsible for? Defines the scope of the position
  • What do I do to meet my responsibilities? Goals and objectives (aligned with the answers to the other organizational questions)
  • What are the personal qualities do I need to fit within the team culture and be successful?  Defined leadership competencies
  • How will I know I’m being successful? Evaluations and performance appraisals

Helping people understand how they can contribute to an organization’s success may be the last question to answer, but it’s also the most important one.

This is part 6 of 6 in a series of posts about the questions every organization needs to answer to achieve their vision.

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