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    Women’s Sacred Moments at Their Sacred Place

    This past weekend was SpringHill’s first Women’s Retreat of 2012 and it was a great weekend on many levels. You see, our Women’s Retreat program, alongside Family Camp, is SpringHill’s longest running program. It’s literally a carryover from the early days when SpringHill believed it would become both a Christian conference center and a camp for kids.

    But in the late 80’s and early 90’s SpringHill made the very intentional decision to focus its energy on child, teens and young adults, thus all the facilities have been design and built with young people in mind. As a result, many predicted the end of such programs as Women’s Retreats.

    Well, 25 years later, Women’s Retreats continue to go strong and this past weekend highlights why. As I had lunch in the Dining Hall I listened to, and witness women, sharing with my wife Denise (our Women’s Retreat Coordinator) and Glenna Salsbury (our retreat speaker), how deeply impacted they had been by the weekend. And not just this past weekend, but many shared that SpringHill Women’s Retreat is their annual, sacred moment at their sacred place.

    For example, Lisa approached Denise and I, and told us she just needed to come this retreat, she knew God was going to meet her here, so, although she couldn’t find friends to come with her, she came alone. Lisa said that as soon as she stepped on camp, God affirmed His presence and this theme of God’s nearest to her, was clear throughout the entire weekend, including through Glenna’s messages, in the breakout sessions, and in the women she met. There’s no doubt, by looking into Lisa’s eyes, she encountered Jesus in a life transforming way.

    So Lisa, and so many other women, answered, in a very powerful way, why we still do Women’s Retreats at SpringHill, and why we’ll continue to do so for as long as God uses them to transform the lives of women.

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    Being a SpringHill Camper for the Weekend

    What do you have when you combine over 600 women and a camp designed, built and loaded with activities for kids? You have a SpringHill Women’s Retreat.

    We’ve been doing women’s retreats for decades including this weekend and I’m always amazed, amused, honored and humbled that we have this incredible privilege to serve so many women in this way.

    I’m always amazed because so many women want, for a weekend, to become campers just like kids. They eat, sleep, and do all the things our youth campers do on a weekend retreat or in a summer camp program.

    I’m also always amused, because as good campers, these women participate enthusiastically in every activity SpringHill offers, from our ziplines to riding horses to trap shooting to scaling one of our climbing walls. It’s literally one of our busiest activity weekends of the year.

    I’m honor that we can provide these women a SpringHill style worship experience with engaging speakers such as this weekend’s teacher Liz Curtis Higgs.

    And most importantly, as with any SpringHill Experience, I’m humbled that the combination of all these elements help 100’s of women know and grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ.

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