Summer Camp

A Tradition Like No Other!

“A tradition like no other”, sports announcer Jim Nantz’s words describing the Master’s golf tournament could just as easily be applied to 6 square at SpringHill.  Yes 6 square. Everyone has heard of 4 square but at SpringHill we play a faster, more competitive and highly skilled game of 6 square.  It is a long-standing tradition that campers highly anticipate each year.

Some skilled 6 square campers playing a game following a visit to the Trading Post.

On my walk around our Michigan overnight camp yesterday afternoon I stumbled across a couple of hotly contested 6 square games being played in Copper Country.  I was reminded of what makes camp so much fun and memorable. Kids are able to do things that they normally don’t get to do at home (who plays 6 square at home?) in a place that is different from their day-to-day enviroment, within a community of new friends and fresh voices that can speak into their lives in transformative ways.

We love 6 square because it provides the maximum number of kids participating while a smaller number of kids are in line waiting to play.  Kids are in the game longer before being knocked out and on the side line for a shorter period of time.  Many of our cabins are 7 campers and 1 counselor meaning only two are waiting in line to fill a spot of someone who is knocked out.  In other cabins it is a 5 to 1 ratio which means the entire cabin can play at the same while any other extras can join in.

If you have never played a game of 6 square you need to try it.  It is “a tradition like no other”.

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