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Chasing After My Wife on a Snowy Morning!

Numbers can say many things about people. Their age, net worth, zip code and the number of Facebook friends all provide a glimpse into who a person is and what they are all about. Here are a few numbers that tell you a bit about the woman I’m privileged to be married to.

26 years of incredible marriage we have had together.

4 great kids whom she has nurtured so well as a mom.

6 years of being cancer free.

And most importantly on a recent morning –

-6° F, and a

2 mile run she shamed me into taking with her on this same morning.

Not only did she drag me out but she set the pace and had me chasing her for the entire 2 miles. You have to love and admire a woman who will not only challenge that kind of weather but looks great in doing it.

She has heart, she has determination and she has resilience – all of which her numbers reflect and among the many reasons I love her so much.


  • Jodi Blanchard

    …..and she has so many friends that are blessed beyond words for having “Neesie” in their life!
    It is that beautiful heart of hers, her encouraging words, incredible loyalty, her inquiring mind that wants to know all the little details about your life that no one else would care about, her precious notes, her gentle spirit, and (and the fiesty one we rarely see :), how she gives you her undivided attention and really looks at you w/ those big brown eyes when you are talking to her, her fun laughter (she always makes me feel like I’m so funny….I love that about my girlfriend!), her faithfulness in all situations, seeking first the Kingdom of God and living it out practically here, her huge love for her four kids and her very best best friend…..the TRUE love of her life, her husband. Yes, you are privelaged Michael Perry and a very wise man too. You married your #1 fan, your very best friend, and the woman who loves and adores you as much as you her. Thank you for sharing from your heart and affirming this fabulous wife of yours. It is a joy to witness and a great example for us all.

    • mdperry1

      Thanks Jod, I should have you be a guest writer on my blog. You said it all better than I could. Thanks for your friendship, I can’t imagine having gone thru my life without you apart of it. I think when we are all old and sitting someplace warm we will have lots of great memories about God’s faithfulness in our lives.

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