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On Being Lost

“Psychologists have observed that one of the most basic human needs, beginning at birth, is to be gazed upon by another.” Therefore, “part of the terror of being lost stems from the idea of never being seen again” from Laurence Gonzales’ Deep Survival – Who Lives, Who Dies and Why.

If you’ve ever been lost you know the truth of this statement.

As I’ve thought about this statement I’ve been struck by the very real relationship between being lost geographically and being lost spiritually.

No wonder the Biblical writers, pastors and theologians talk of being separated from God as being lost.

And there are few things worse than being lost. Because ultimately being lost means we are no longer “seen” thus no longer known. And this is an even more frightening thought when we think of it in spiritual terms.

Now the truth is we’ve all been lost, and to some degree, we are probably all a bit lost now in some part of our lives which is why we understand this deep need to be “gazed upon” by God.

So as I reflected on the meaning of “being lost” I’ve been personally convicted that I need to continue helping those who are lost and who desperately want to be “seen again” and be “gazed upon” by their Creator.

I’ve also become more convinced than ever of the importance of ministries like SpringHill that exist to help lost people become “seen again” by the One whose gaze changes everything. There is no greater gift to give or receive.

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