Organizational Leadership

Space for Making Vision a Reality

The SpringHill leadership team has learned the importance and the formula for creating space for the planning necessary to make our vision a reality.

Our team just came out of such as space where we completed some good work thinking through our future organizational needs and design in light of our current (and expected) ministry growth.

What does this space look like for us?

  1. It starts with a smart and committed team of people with shared values and vision.
  2. To this end, as part of our day, we have dinner together just so we can hang out and catch up.
  3. We meet at an off-site location that can inspire new thoughts or perspectives. Today was at a friend’s home on Lake Michigan
  4. We do a lot of pre-work to assure the information, ideas, and the direction needed for the meeting are in people’s hands long enough for them to prepare.
  5. During our time together we assure everyone has the opportunity to speak and then we all listen.
  6. We use flip chart sheets so our ideas can be posted in front of us during the meeting.
  7. Assure an action plan’s created so our thinking becomes action.
  8. We meet once a month so the work doesn’t get lost or stalled.
  9. We always approach this process as an act of discovery.
  10. We pray together asking Christ to lead us where we ought to go and keep us from where we shouldn’t be.

If you lead a team or just lead yourself, create space to dream, plan and look ahead. You and your team will benefit greatly and the world will be a bit better as a result.

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