Summer Camp

From Rocks to Rallies

The last night of summer training our Indiana staff pray for each camper registered for camp.  They are given 5 rocks and 5 names of campers then proceed on a short walk and pray specifically for each camper. At the end of the walk the rocks are placed in a pile along the main road entering camp.  This walk continues until every camper is prayed for.

There are now 11 piles of rocks, one for each summer of camp in Indiana. And there are over 22,000 rocks, one for each camper who has had the opportunity to hear, see and experience Jesus Christ in a life changing way since our first summer in 2000.

These rocks provide a daily reminder to all of us of the campers and their families we’ve had the privilege to serve.

Closing Day is the culmination of our preparation, work and prayers for these campers.  It’s the day parents come to pick up their kids and we celebrate the campers week of camp.

As part of Closing Day we have a Closing Rally for parents, friends and staff. It’s where we hear and see what God has done in the lives of the campers we have prayed for and served during their SpringHill Experience.

We start with a rock and prayer. We end with a rally and a celebration for all that God has done in the lives of campers.

To give you a glimpse into how God answers our prayers the following are some Indiana camper quotes about their SpringHill Experience.

In answer to the question “What was the best thing about this week at SpringHill?”:

“I met many great people that have helped me in my walk with the Lord and about things at home.”

“Being so spiritually connected with my cabin and gaining so much insight & knowledge on Jesus’ sacrifice.”

“Learning about God’s forgiveness.”

In answer to the question “How was your life impacted or changed this week?”

“I know that reading the Bible is very entertaining.”

“I learned what Jesus did and what He wants me to do.”

“I really accepted Jesus into my life this week.”

“I learned not to judge people on the outside.”

“Been lost in my faith, COMPLETELY changed.”

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