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There’s No Bad Weather Just Bad Clothing!

Camp, by its nature, is spending lots of time outside.  We design our camps and camp programs to maximize the beautiful settings we are blessed with.  We believe being in the out-of-doors provides many physical, emotional and spiritual benefits to kids.

Matt Casburn our Copper Country Director welcoming campers and parents to camp in the rain.

That’s why, unless the weather is dangerous, we do camp in the wind, rain or shine. We embrace all kinds of weather and believe it’s a gift from God. We just need to dressed appropriately for it and maybe adjust our perspectives.

Amanda Thompson, our Storybrook Director, prepared for any kind of weather on opening day.

I love our staff’s attitudes and actions when others think the weather is less than ideal.  They have fun, assure that campers have fun, and turn rain, cold or heat into something exciting.

They lead their campers in dancing and singing in the rain.

On cold Michigan mornings they turn blobbing into something manly called “polar bear” blobbing.

They take the heat and humidity of southern Indiana and use it as a chance to ceremoniously drink water together.

Weather is an opportunity to create a shared experience, not something that get’s in the way of it.

So when it rained a bit yesterday on opening day in Michigan, our team enthusiastically embraced it. So much so that arriving parents and campers were caught up in the “great weather” we were having.

Our summer staff providing a warm welcome on a rainy opening day.

When you think about this approach to weather it applies to other things in life. It’s not always our circumstances that are bad it’s our attitude and actions towards them. We need to, instead, take those circumstances and turn them into an opportunity to “sing and dance in the rain.”

And as we say at SpringHill “there is no bad weather just bad clothing!”

Randy, one of our volunteers, dressed for the wet weather.


  • Christina Perry

    Dad loved what you had to say 🙂 i miss you and being at camp. Its so nice to hear that all is going well back at home. love you

  • Matt Wagner

    Love this post, and the blog at large. The “bad clothing” post reminds me of a winter retreat weekend that started for our students w/ 65-70 degree temps, and ended w/ wind chills of -20! Students clearly did not understand the saying in Michigan about what to do if you don’t like the weather. The Perry’s washer/dryer made a stick save that weekend for Huron Hills students!

    Thx Mike, and SH Camps!


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