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Are You Ready to Take a Great Adventure in 2011?

The great adventure is to read the Bible through in 2011. I’m doing two things I hope will encourage others to join in this adventure.

The first is to journal and post my entries from each day’s reading to my new blog called Read the Bible in a Year at .

Second, through my Read the Bible in a Year blog, I want to encourage as many people as possible to read the Bible in 2011.

Here’s how it will work:

  1. Click on the and subscribe to Read the Bible in a Year.
  2. You will receive your first post on December 31st. If you subscribe after December 31st you will receive your first post that day for the following day’s reading.
  3. Each evening I will post brief summaries and reflections for the following day’s reading. As a subscriber you will receive an email of the post to aid that day’s reading. You may find them helpful as an introduction to the reading.
  4. Anyone can subscribe and join anytime during the year. Start reading from the beginning or pick it up where the schedule is currently at.
  5. If you like hard copies of the year’s schedule click on and choose the “Through the Bible” schedule and then hit “print.” This is the schedule I will be following and use in my posts.
  6. Read the Bible in a Year blog has a comment section where dialogue can occur between those who are following this reading plan can happen.

It’s that simple. Now I have no idea how many people will join me in this adventure but my prayer is that there will be many people committing to reading the Bible all the way through whether they follow this schedule or subscribe to this blog or not.

Now one last thing. If you’re committed to reading the Bible thru in 2011 and want to encourage others to join… please share this page to your Facebook, e-mail it to friends or Tweet it (see below and click on your choice). Let’s get the word out and see how many people will join our little community of readers in 2011.

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