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12 Reasons Camp Counselors make Great Employees

2015-07-30 13.11.37With the end of summer drawing near 10,000’s of college age adults around the country will be ending their summer jobs at camps and will be looking for new work. So being a former corporate employment manager and current camp professional it seems appropriate for me to highlight the 12 reasons why smart employers will seek out and hire these former camp staff:

Former Summer Camp Staff are:

  1. Hard working – camp jobs are a 24 hour/7 day a week jobs
  2. Disciplined and timely – camps run on schedules that need to be followed
  3. Responsible – what’s more important than the safety and care of children?
  4. Selfless – camp jobs require putting the needs and desires others before their own
  5. Flexible and adaptable – camp requires staff to adjust to changing conditions (weather is so unpredictable)
  6. Team players (they know how to work and play well with others) – camps are small, tight-knit communities where only team players survive
  7. Very good with the public – these folks interacted professionally daily with parents, camp inspectors, donors and others
  8. Creative – because their job was to ensure campers had the best week of their summer
  9. Teachers and coaches, since they were responsible to help others learn life lessons, do new activities, and experience new people, places and things
  10. Policy followers because camp has rules and it’s important that they’re followed
  11. Policy questioners, because they’ve learned that following a policy can stand in the way of achieving the higher goals of summer camp which is to provide life changing experiences for campers
  12. Leaders, having led 7 to 15 people everyday for the entire summer

So you can see, smart employers will be first in line to hire these well-trained, experienced, and talented people. Their summer experience puts them miles ahead of their peers.

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