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College Orientation and One More Fleece

Denise and I just spent two days on Calvin College’s campus participating in our son MD’s college orientation.  We stayed in one of the dorms. We were in sessions with other parents learning about Calvin, how to be a good parent to a college student and spending some time with MD.

It was a great two days.  Calvin did an excellent job of providing an engaging, informative, professional and fun orientation session for the parents and the incoming students.

But the best part for me was something a bit more profound than being happy with the dorm food.  I realized that this was the final confirmation, a final fleece, of the prayers  Denise, MD and I had about the right place for MD to go to school.

Not that “we” had lingering doubts.  I know MD and Denise did not but, honestly, I had a few.  You see Calvin did not start out as either MD’s or our first choice when the school selection process started.  We visited some incredible schools over a 18 month period and at the end no school was the stand out number one choice for MD.

So with the decision time approaching and no clear direction MD, Denise and I took two weeks where we individually prayed two times a day to seek God’s direction. Then at the end of two weeks we agreed to come together to share with each other what school God has put on our hearts.  The clear answer for all of us was Calvin.

Now you would think that such clear direction would have taken care of any lingering doubts I had but it didn’t.  I knew it was the right decision but… so I needed one more fleece.  God graciously provide it.   Orientation reaffirmed in an incredible way what I already knew – Calvin is the place for MD.


  • MD

    I had a great time at orientation with you to dad, and I am glad you feel confident that Calvin is the right place for me, because i definitely do!

    • mdperry1

      No doubt it is the right place for you and you should have no doubts about it. You will have a great experience at Calvin.

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