Summer Camp

“I Want to Buy SpringHill!”

I love elementary age kids.  I love watching them and interacting with them at camp. I love hearing the stories about the things they do and the things they say to our staff. I will share some of these stories with you next week but I have one to share with you from yesterday.

I was walking around our Michigan overnight camp with one of our long time summer staffers, Skylar, having a deep conversation as only you can have at camp, when I was stopped near the climbing wall by my nephew Mattson. He just finished climbing the wall with his cabin and came over to say hi and give me a hug.

Mattson in the red and the potential buyer of SpringHill in the olive.

One of his cabin mates asked “Hey Mattson is that your uncle, the President of SpringHill?”  I usually try to keep a low profile about my job title but Mattson answered before I could respond “yes he is.”

So this Copper Country boy came up to me and said:

“I want to buy SpringHill.”

I responded by asking him “How much are you willing to pay?”

He said “One dollar.”

I told him “You will need to add a few zeros to that number before we could talk further.”

He said, “How many zeros, I want to buy SpringHill?”

I asked him “How many fingers and toes do you have?”

He thought about it and first said “Ten” then after further thought answered “Twenty.”

I said “That’s how many zeros you have to add to the end of your number 1 before we talk about selling SpringHill.”

He was still trying to figure out what the number would be as Skylar and I walked on. Skylar laughed and said to me, “In other words SpringHill is not for sale.”

No it’s not, not when kids like this young man love SpringHill and have their lives impacted by what Christ does through it.  There are not enough fingers and toes in the world to come up with a sale price.

Mattson's cabin all wanted a photo with his uncle the President of SpringHill.

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