Summer Camp

Snapshot #2 On a Mission.

Urban areas all around the world are full of kids challenged from the moment they’re born. For many the obstacles start even before they arrive into the world.

This is why we’ve continued to partner with other ministries who serve these kids and their families in urban areas around the midwest.

During the last week of Day Camp for our Indiana team we provided a camp experience for nearly 200 kids from inner city Indianapolis.  We partnered with Shepard Community Center – – and Oasis of Hope Church to create this SpringHill experience for kids in their neighborhood.

Tony Schmid, our Indiana Day Camp Director, shared with me the following story that, for him and his team, was a great example an incredible week of ministry.

On the first day one of our staff had a girl in her small group who was on a mission. During their first small group time this camper asked her counselor if she could speak to the group.  And of course the counselor gave her permission to share what was on her heart.

This girl then proceeded to tell her story about her relationship with Jesus Christ and finished by asking if all the other campers wanted the same relationship she had. Now mind you this is Monday morning not Wednesday afternoon when we are very intentional to ask campers this question.

But this girl was on a mission and her mission, as it turns out, was quite successful. Almost all the campers in her group raised their hands in an affirmative response to her question. So she led them all in a prayer to receive Christ as their Lord and Savior.

Quite a way to start out our first inner city Indianapolis Day Camp.  It was a preview of all that God would do during this incredible week of camp.

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