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Thankfulness List Part 1

Over the last few days, as Thanksgiving approaches, I continued to thank God for many things in my life. But always at the top of my “thankfulness” list is my wife Denise. We’ve been married over 26 years. It seems like yesterday when we met at Central Michigan University when she was living in Woldt Hall and I was living in Emmons Hall. As the saying goes “time flies when you are having fun” and we are a testament to that truth.

Marriage for many people is pain and heartache, for me it has been blessing upon blessing. I’m not sure I ascribe to the “God has only that one person we’re supposed to marry” line of thinking but its hard not to land there when I look at Denise and our marriage.

We’ve gotten here first and foremost because we are best friends who share the same faith in Christ, the same values about what our lives are to be and how we are to raise our children. It’s everything a true partnership should be and for that I am so thankful.

During this season of Thanksgiving Denise will continue to be my first prayer of thanks.


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