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Celebration and Dedication

Jim and Kris Mestdagh, John and Marlene Boll

This week we held a celebration and dedication for the recently renovated indoor pool at our Michigan camp. We invited everyone involved with the project, including staff, donors and the general contractors. It was a fun and inspiring afternoon.

In the past we haven’t done a lot of these kinds of events and I’m not sure why. But over the last couple of years we’ve acknowledged, as an organization, the important role celebration plays in the life of an organization. So we’re trying to do a better job of finding reasons to celebrate, including celebrating and dedicating new or renovated buildings and activities at our camps.

This effort to create a “culture of celebration” has led to my reflection on the question “what makes a great celebration?” Here’s my current answer:

First, I believe, a celebration should be Christ centered, acknowledging the good things God has done or provided.

Jenny Waugh and Ken Bailey from Rockford Construction

Second, it should affirm those people God used to help these good things become realities.

Finally, a celebration should inspire others to take part in God’s good work.

But there was a second and equally important part of our afternoon and it was the dedication of the pool to God’s glory. An act of dedication reminds us that we’re stewards of something we don’t own. So in dedicating the pool to God, we symbolically gave back to Him what He’s entrust to our care, as if returning the master’s five talents with five more.

So we all prayed, with hands joined together, that this pool building would be a useful tool in our work of helping young people see, hear and experience Jesus Christ in a life transforming way, and then celebrated His goodness which allows us the privilege to serve in such a way.

Photography by Caitlin Crowley

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